Voter Help Desk
Will the polling place and voting machines be accessible to me?

Polling places are mostly accessible. There must be at least one voting machine that you can use, including one if you have a visual disability or are blind.

Some places also have a service called curbside voting where elderly voters and voters with disabilities can vote from the vehicle that brought the voter to the polling place.

To learn more about accessible voting equipment in your state and voting region, you can visit the Verified Voting website and use their voting equipment verifier. Make sure to click the “Accessible Equipment” tab at the top right of the verifier, otherwise it will not be filtered for accessibility.

If you have any further questions, we suggest you contact your local election official. Go to the Election Official Directory and choose your state and voting region – click on the tab labeled “Election Official Contact Details” for contact information, and “State Lookup Tools” for website information.


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