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What if I go to vote and I'm not on the registration list?

If you arrive at the polling place and believe you have registered to vote, but you are not on the registration list, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot. If you cast a provisional ballot, election officials will review it after the election, and if they determine that you were an eligible registered voter according to state law, your ballot will be counted.

Poll workers may also ask that you vote a provisional ballot if you do not have proper voter identification. To find the proper voter identification for your state, go to the State Voting Requirements directory, input your state, and look under the "Identification Requirements" tab.

If there is a problem with your registration, you should update your information by completing a new voter registration form. Below is a step by step guide for how to file a new voter registration form.

  1. Go to Register to Vote / Absentee Ballot.

  2. Choose the “Type of Voting Form” which applies to you and complete the registration process by filling out the information in each step.

  3. If your state has an online voter registration system, you will be informed during the data entry process. You can then choose to transfer to that system and submit your registration online.

  4. If your state does not have an online registration system, continue to the end of the US Vote data entry process. Once your form is completed you may download, print, sign, and send your form to the Election Office Address provided with your document and instructions.

Note: The form must be submitted by you. Our system does not send any documents in your name - only you can submit your own voting documents to your election office.

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