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What should I do if I am registering and do not have a driver's license?

If you do not have a driver’s license, you may use your social security number. In some states, you can also use some form of identification specific to your state, or a combination of documents that, considered together, will be accepted as an ID. 

You can find a list of acceptable types of identification within our State Voting Requirements directory. Once there, input your state and look under the Identification Requirements tab. Within this tab is the sub-header “Voter Registration”; here you can find a comprehensive list of acceptable types of ID in your state. If you need help getting an acceptable ID in your state, you can contact Vote Riders for assistance.

If you do not have any of the types of identification that your state requires to register, you will be assigned a unique identifying number by the state once you register. When filling out your registration form, indicate that you do not have the requisite ID numbers in the designated box on the form as instructed, or in the notes section of the form, if there is not a specific box to check. You can register to vote here.



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