Voter Help Desk
What do I need to know when filling out the address?

In order to fill out your address correctly:

Provide your actual home address (where you physically live) when registering to vote. This is your "voting address", and it will determine your voting jurisdiction. Do not use a mailing address or post office box (P.O. Box) that is different from your home address. There is a separate section on the form for a mailing address or P.O. Box.

If you have no permanent address you can use an address/location that will accept mail for you (for example, a friend's or relative's home, a church, a food pantry), and register from that address. You need to give an address so that your elections office knows where to send the confirmation telling you the location of your polling place. Most jurisdictions also have addresses for people who are homeless to use.

Our site, will guide you through your state voter registration process, and lets you print your completed registration form to be sent to your local elections office.

After completing the online process, you must print, sign and send or the form to the address provided in the instructions. To find your local elections office's information, go to the Election Official Directory. Choose your state and region to find the contact and address of your local election official. 

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